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Fashion talk
Aleksander Siradekian
Shoes are an integral part of the wardrobe of any girl, regardless of the season, age or social status. Only their number can change, and of course, upwards. Every fashionista knows the name of a wizard who can make her the most beautiful, slim, tall just due to a small invention - thin heels that can work wonders. And, of course, every woman of fashion has or wants to have in her collection shoes created by our brilliant Russian shoe designer - Aleksander Siradekian, who has long been creating not just shoes. His shoes are a real masterpiece: elegant, feminine, emphasizing the beauty and style of their owners. We talked about the shoes of girlish dreams today with their creator.

Aleksander, today your shoes are the dream of all girls. How did it all begin? Why did you choose shoes?

I’ve been fond of drawing since childhood. I liked to draw shoes. I was more and more addicted to drawing. It happened so that in the pictures I always tried to do something beautiful. And basically it was associated with shoes. I entered the Academy of Arts. At some point, I realized that I was ready to wear some of my parts - orders from moms and grandmothers. In general, I just love everything around me to be beautiful.

Every designer has his own business card. You have a cherished tassel. Why a tassel and what inspired you to create it?

The first time we presented shoes with a tassel at our first exhibition in 2000 along with the first loud announcement of the creative trio FreshArt, in which I was directly involved. Then the first tassels were made. But we were far ahead of the time, and 20 years later tassels became trendy again and appeared already on the shoes that we presented in Paris.

You are often called the “Russian Louboutin”. What is your attitude towards this comparison?

I do not feel any importance regarding this, but this is not the worst comparison. I only hope that our shoes are distinguished not only by a tassel, but they also have some special silhouette that only we have.

What is your brand’s pricing policy?

We are positioned as a luxury product. A luxury product is always expensive in cost, and therefore our shoes have always been of an impressive price. If it were not Alexander Siradekian, but rather a well-known brand that does not need to be popularized, then these shoes, I think, would be by 40% more expensive, because we have insanely high prime cost. We do not save on anything. The best producers work for us in Italy, just those who sew both, Louboutins and Saint Laurent shoes.


Do you wear your brand yourself?

Of course not. It seems to me stupid when a person is drowning in his own juice. I am open to everything new, to everything beautiful, and why should I wear only mine?

Tell me, what world brands of shoes do you prefer and whom do you single out for yourself from the world designers of shoes?

There are good and beautiful things in different brands that I pay attention to. And Louboutins, and Christian Dior, and many other brands, offering beautiful, high-quality shoes.

Aleksander, what shoe trends do now exist?

We are not talking about trends. I think we set the tone for trends more than we stick to them. I do not track what is happening in the fashion world and in the world of shoes, because today trends are not beauty and it is not elegance. I just do what I like, what is close to me and what I consider correct and timely at this second.

What inspires you to create such beautiful colorful collections?

I live as in a garden. Especially in this collection, because my wife and I have got the second daughter, and it seems to me that the flowers are very opportune and very much emphasize our mood today.

You are the winner of the FashionTV award. What is new in the brand today, what our readers still do not know, but what are you ready to share with us?

We were in London, where at London Fashion Week became the official shoe partner of the brand David Como. For eight seasons, this brand worked exclusively with red soles. And now they have decided to change the shoe partner, and this was the first collaboration, which was very bright and very loud.

Why, despite the huge number of fans of your brand, you still do not have your own boutique in Moscow?

I don't know if it is needed. It seems to me that we are still in the process of a start-up. We are a small and still young brand. Yes, they know us, they buy us all over the world, we sell all over the world, but it seems to me that it would be foolish to open a small shop and compete with a large department store. While I do not see the point.

Who is your muse?

My wife, my children, beautiful, high-quality music. Inspiration can be sought in different places, even in the reflection of the sun in a puddle.