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To Believe or not to Believe?

Parents are wondering if it is worth encouraging a child’s faith in a non-existent Grandfather Frost, or, on the contrary, from the youngest age to teach a person to the life truth and realities, where there is hardly space left for miracles and magic? Immersion into a fairy tale gives children the opportunity to dream unlimitedly, which in turn develops imagination, creativity, creative thinking and releases thoughts from the format of the stereotypical “box”. Belief in Grandfather Frost is a kind of a fascinating game for children. Do not underestimate children’s ingenuity, in most cases children very quickly “cut through” that gifts under the Christmas tree are prepared by mom and dad, but at the same time, willingly support the legend. Participating in this process, a child plays out his/her emotions, lives them through, thereby making the next step on the path to psychological maturity and growing up. As a game is always about security and always “not for real”, therefore it’s easy for a child to open up in it. Belief in Grandfather Frost is useful in that every child with a bated breath expects the kind grandfather, learns to believe in good and in the fact that it always conquers evil. A child subconsciously draws a parallel between oneself and his/her favorite hero, and thus, sincerely wants to be nice. This is a serious motivator to work on yourself and your behavior. A child learns to dream and fantasize, which, in turn, translates into a free play, creativity and a desire to prove oneself. And of course, the image of Grandfather Frost can be used as a wonderful ritual for uniting the family and spending time together. 

Illustration by Karina Yashagina
TEXT: Mesedu Bulach