Contemporary art is valuable for our opportunity to live at the same time as people who make history here and now. Based on the richest history and world experience, the totality of different artistic practices, which is in continuous motion and represents another creative experiment, it reflects the most crucial realities and views of the modern world. It is endowed with the freedom of expression and feelings of nowadays, which makes it clear and accessible to each of us. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that we not only understand it, but also have the opportunity to become participants in a special creative process, which in several decades will become a part of history thanks to the masterpieces of the great experts of our times. Moments of absolute happiness and infinite love of life will go down in the history of art along with the works of an amazing artist, our compatriot Kira Panina. Her paintings today are often presented at exhibitions, decorate interiors and are kept in private Russian and world collections.
Yuriy Antizersky
Yulia Selivanovskaya
Alexei Popogrebsky
Nikas Safronov
Dmitry Slepushkin